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Commercial Insurance

We carry different types of insurance policies here at The Carr Agency, with commercial insurance being one of them. We service businesses and residents who live in a variety of states. There are different commercial insurance policies that you can choose from depending on the risk and size of your business. Commercial insurance is great to have because it will protect your business from any potential lawsuits. It will also protect against an injured employee or a natural disaster depending on the policy you choose.

Requirements & Coverage

In order to remain compliant with the laws of the state of Pennsylvania, business insurance is required, unless you are a small business with no employees. The coverage will protect you as a business owner in the event of any work-related injuries, including death.

There are different insurance coverage options to choose from. You can select from the following:

These can be customized to fit the needs of your business.

You can also select additional coverage such as:

There are certain legal requirements that will dictate what types of insurance policies your business must carry, such as employee compensation insurance and commercial auto insurance (if you plan on using a vehicle to conduct any business-related tasks). You should discuss your business needs with us so that we can help you select the right business insurance policy.

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Please visit our website,, for a quote today for your commercial insurance policy. We will make sure that your business needs are met with the appropriate coverage. Protect your business as well as your employees.

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