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Renter's Insurance

We provide different types of insurance policies, renter’s insurance is one of them. We service any resident that lives in Pennsylvania, Ohio or North Carolina. Renter's insurance is something you should consider having to protect you in the event of vandalism, theft, or anything else resulting in a covered loss. There are different options you can take a look at to determine which policy fits your needs.


While it is not a state law for renters to hold a renter's insurance policy, many landlords do actually require it in the state of Pennsylvania This is because your landlord's insurance will not cover any of your personal belongings in the event something were to happen. You will need to make sure that you have insurance for both your belongings and injuries that other people may sustain while visiting your residence.

Even though a typical renter's insurance policy will cover the same things, you can choose from additional options such as:

The type of coverage that you choose really depends on your personal preferences. You may decide coverage based on the number of valuable assets that you possess in your residence. If something were to happen and things came up missing in your home, you won't be covered if you don't possess renter's insurance. Fire, theft, and vandalism tend to be the top three things that happen and as a result, renter’s suffer a major loss.

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